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2020 Elicio Vermentino

2020 Elicio Vermentino
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%




100% Vermentino


The fruit is zippy and citrusy with lime curd and the filling of lemon meringue pies.


Medium-bodied with a touch of residual sugar leading to yellow peaches and golden pears.



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More about this wine from Rhône Valley, France
Vermentino is a grape primarily found in Italy, which makes this particular bottle of Vermentino from France something worthwhile. Elicio Vermentino comes from the Mediterranean IGP wine region, which consists of land on the southeast coast of France and encompasses parts of the famed Provence and Rhone Valley winemaking regions. An IGP is one of three ways a winemaking region can be named in France that indicates quality and can be found on the label of any wine coming from France.

This is the kind of wine that can accompany you while thinking, reading, writing, or late night working. It’s easy-drinking, doesn't need food, and is relatively low in alcohol. On the nose, it’s more herbaceous than anything with a touch of crisp, salty air and little budding white flowers with a touch of yellow sun-blistered grass. Serve it chilled and get down with your bad self!

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Reading your book on your sun-warmed rooftop.

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HIM – Sam Smith

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