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2017 Vylyan Macska Portugieser

2017 Vylyan Macska Portugieser
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%




100% Portugieser


Pomegranate seeds left in a Ziploc bag on your desk overnight


Easy sipping and uncomplicated liquified sour cherry and plum jam

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More about this wine from Villány, Hungary
If you spend any length of time in NYC, you'll come to find that every neighborhood has at least one "go-to" hang out spot. It can be a lounge, restaurant, or dive bar, but it is of that neighborhood. It's your version of Cheers and maybe someone knows your name. Wine regions are kinda like neighborhoods, and each region has its go-to grape just like every neighborhood as its best haunt.

In Tuscany, it's Sangiovese or "Chianti." In Rioja, it's Tempranillo or simply "Rioja!" Each region, just has it's local jam! Maybe not as famous, but definitely as delicious, is Portugieser hailing from Villány, Hungary. This is the first time this grape has found its way into a WA box, but we're quickly embracing the hard to pronounce wine because it's super easy drinking, simply refreshing, and vibrant with smooth notes of sour cherry, plum, and pomegranate. It's like you've got that insider tip on the cool bar in every neighborhood.
How to drink it


Surviving the week when Friday hits... Simultaneously throw on Peaceful Life by Guts (featuring Lorine Chia), Superman-style change into your lounging clothes, and pop a bottle of wine that is made for easy, thoughtless enjoyment.

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Peaceful Life by Guts (featuring Lorine Chia)


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