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2019 Le Malbec

2019 Le Malbec
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14.2%




100% Malbec


Plums and blackberries like a dark fruit rock concert


A full, big fruit presence creates a delightful, velvety texture
More about this wine from Southern France

It may come as a surprise that Malbec's original home is France, not Argentina (read about the grape migration here!). We're all about awesome Malbec from any wine region, but we thought we were overdue to have a French Malbec as a staple on the WA Shop. So we turned to our French wine wiz, J.P. Bourgeois, who has a knack for finding small-production French vino.

The nose bursts like a Thanksgiving cornucopia loaded up with fresh-picked fruit like rhubarb, dark cherries, plums, and blackberries. The sippin is lush, fruity, and velvety. All that ripe fruit has a way of swishin' and swashin' all over your taste buds and cheeks with a lingering finish that is perfect on pizza night.

How to drink it


There's nothing wrong with a solo Netflix sesh after a long week of working at home. You're kicked back, smashing play on your fave new show, and no one can stop you.

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