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2014 V. Mitolo and Son "Waveform" Shiraz

2014 V. Mitolo and Son "Waveform" Shiraz
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14.5%




100% Shiraz


If a fresh fruit market opened in the middle of a hipster coffee shop


A velvet-y, sensory awesome contradiction of freshly ground coffee, dark chocolate, black pepper and cray cray ripe cherries
More about this wine from McLaren Vale, Australia
Fun fact... the main guy behind this wine and winery was the drummer in Empire of the Sun, which is awesome, but even more awesome is that this wine is bangin' good! The Mitolo family migrated to Australia from Italy a few decades ago and brought with them some serious winemaking chops from the motherland. Eventually, the fam settled in Mclaren Vale, which is in the state of South Australia, Australia, and is super well known in wine nerd circles for producing awesome juice.

This Shiraz is definitely one of those wines hailing from Australia that's got some buzz. This vino has everything you want in Shiraz from Australia, which is basically just Syrah but with a Southern hemisphere twist. This bottle is complex with notes of black pepper, dark chocolate, and a touch of menthol that fade away into very ripe red fruit that lingers with a deluxe, velvety finish.
How to drink it


Playing rockstar dress-up with face paint rocking to Empire of the Sun's Walking On A Dream... the tune is a necessity since the vineyard owner was in the band!

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Empire of the Sun's Walking On A Dream