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Frico Lambrusco NV (3-pack)

Frico Lambrusco NV (3-pack)
Volume: 250 mL , Alcohol: 9.5%




A blend of Grasparossa, Salamino, and Maestri


Freshly smashed strawberries, red currants, and pomegranate


A butterfly kiss of sweetness with a tutti frutti-tart finish

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More about this wine from Emilia, Italy
Lambrusco is our Eleanor and by that we mean it is a wine we've hunted to find and tell you all about for years, but it's been incredibly elusive just like Memphis Raines' attempt to steal the 1967 Ford Mustang AKA Eleanor, in Gone in 60 Seconds. But this incredible find has come in an unexpected format i.e. the can. This can is 250ml, so we decided to pack 3 cans in each box to equal one bottle.

Now, as cool as this canned vessel is, the real story is about the two guys that bring this wine to life. You can read more about Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey and Chef Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson in this month's magazine, but, to say the least, these dudes are elevating America's palate and pushing everyday wine to be special and Italian.

The wine is 'frizzante' which means frothy and bubbly. The juice is vibrant and fresh with tiny bubbles delivering ripe strawberries and pomegranate right to the back of your tongue making you salivate for the next sip.
How to drink it


getting the party aka tailgate started! Lambrusco is the perfect before dinner drink (or, as the Italians' say, "aperitivo") making this the best wine to kick off the tailgate.

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