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Frico Frizzante NV (3-pack)

Frico Frizzante NV (3-pack)
Volume: 250 mL , Alcohol: 10%




50% Trebbiano, 25% Glera, 25% Chardonnay


fine bubbles popping with whiffs of Granny Smith apples and Asian pears


peonies, lilies, and green apples shimmer and dance across your tongue

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More about this wine from Veneto, Italy
Italy is the most underrated and maybe most misunderstood sparkling winemaking country on the planet. Italian sparkling wine is caught in the crosshairs of being overshadowed by the brand power of Champagne and the false, but popular belief, that Prosecco is cheap and only meant to mix with OJ for a Sunday Mimosa hangover cure. Most of the standout sparkling Italian wine is just overlooked.

But we have good news! More than 25 years ago, a young kid got a busboy gig and fell in love with hospitality. Now a master somm, restauranteur, and all-around cool guy, Bobby Stuckey shows off some seriously delicious and equally accessible sparkling vino with the Frico Frizzante (Read more about this wine hero in this month's magazine!). The Frico Frizzante is uber dry and you'll have no fear of a wicked sugary hangover with this sparkling wine. The bubbles are fine, elegant, crisp, and deliver flavors of elegant white flowers and green apple perfect for celebrating your team's big win or getting home from the office before 6 PM.
How to drink it


The game clock is ticking down to zero and your team strolls into the end zone for the winning score! You are victorious and Queen's "We Are the Champions" is all you can hear in the stadium!

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