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2011 Alange Tempranillo

2011 Alange Tempranillo
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.5%






Nutmeg, cherries, and tobacco matched on Bumble


A velvety smooth melted Wendy's "dark red fruit flavored" Frosty

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More about this wine from Ribera del Guadiana, Spain
One of the biggest misconceptions about wine is that the older the bottle, the better it is. Nearly all wine is meant to be consumed now. It actually is not meant to age unless the bottle is just the premium of the premium. Younger wines are vibrant, fresh, and loaded up with fruit, but older bottles not meant to age are like atrophied fruit that keeps missing gym time. It's not young anymore, and those muscles are gettin' flabby.

But in wine, like the English language, there are exceptions for every rule. Aging is no one's friend — unless you're George Clooney. Not too often do we come across a Mr. Clooney, but we have in the case of this bottle. The Alange has 8 years of age. Characteristics to take note... the wine is starting to take on colors of rust and the vibrant dark fruit becomes more complex with notes of earth, tobacco, and leather.
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enjoying dinner and everyone is halfway through their first glass of wine and noise escalates as everyone laughs more and talks louder. John Newman's Love Me Again is barely audible in the background.

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Love Me Again by John Newman


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