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2015 Birgit and Katrin's Zweigler!

2015 Birgit and Katrin's Zweigler!
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.50%




100% Zweigelt


Brambly fruit accented with fresh paprika, black pepper and touch of loamy earth


A spicy explosion of fruit and spice with a juicy bright freshness to keep you drinking

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More about this wine from Burgenland, Austria
Wine directors, somms and winemakers have way too much of the X chromosome, but luckily, as Bob Dylan says, "times are a changin'!" In Austria, we found two sisters, Birgit and Katrin, who are making serious wine moves. They hail from a family made up of several generations of winemakers in Austria but took over their ancestral vineyards in Hungary. There they have established a successful organic project and are bringing the know-how back to Austria with the "Birgit and Katrin" wines.

This 2015 Zweigler is the ladies' take on Zweigelt - which is the most widely planted red grape variety in Austria. Easy drinking, juicy and tart it's best served with a slight chill. The big bottle and whimsical label is meant to say, "Hey! make me your swigging partner!"
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