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2017 Gia Coppola Rosé #overit

2017 Gia Coppola Rosé #overit
Volume: 1 L , Alcohol: 13%




55% Grenache, 45% Mourvèdre


White flowers and ripe strawberries, sandy seashores with a slight touch of zippy citrus.


Refreshing and zippy with a mild palate and low acidity made for mindless drinking.

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More about this wine from Paso Robles, California
#OverIt is the light and aromatic rosé addition to the Gia Coppola line of wines. This rosé is quite literally the definition of easy and effortless drinking. Made from two grapes commonly found in Provencal rosés, this wine was created with that south of France mentality and the result is a rosé with a refreshing acidity and easy-going vibe we never want to put down. It’s pretty clear the rosé trend is here to stay and we’re excited to add this one to our collection of delicious pink wines to drink all summer long.

Rosé is a symbol of summertime. It means the warmer weather is here and the worries are low. This specific rosé is a perfect example as to why this type of wine is so popular: it’s easy. No need for extra thought. With light red fruity qualities, it’s bright and refreshing — just like a rosé should be — and perfect for drinking on hot summer days.
How to drink it


Playing rosé pong instead of beer pong at a party.

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