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2017 Survivor Offspring

2017 Survivor Offspring
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13%




70% Chenin Blanc, 27% Sauvignon Blanc, 3% Viognier


Papaya, white flowers, citrus. Minerality like granite, white rocks and sandy seashells.


Kind of chubby and round but has a brightness that lifts it. Nice honey pineapple notes.

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More about this wine from Swartland, South Africa
This wine was named after a Nguni cow, (the traditional livestock of the Zulu people in South Africa,) who jumped off a truck and into their vineyards. She not only survived the daring jump but also had many offspring. This wine speaks to her success and children. As in, it will make you feel like you are jumping around Cabernet vineyards with beautiful South Africa as a backdrop.

White blends are always a great idea. Bright, starry acidity but round and citrus-driven, they are the perfect pairing wines. This bottle would be a perfect pair with some cheese and bread. The is the kind of bottle that will make you feel like it’s July in just one sip. This wine is toting a medium to full body, with a mid level acidity, but manages to stay light on the palate.

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Prepping for a networking event and promising you’ll behave.

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