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2016 Don Matillon, Red Wine

2016 Don Matillon, Red Wine
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13%




Monastrell 60%, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Tempranillo


Little grape berries packing a Mighty Mouse sized punch of dark fruit and red currants.


Ripe, fresh and fruitiness slipping and sliding towards a siesta in your tummy.

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More about this wine from Alicante, Spain
Like most good things, this winery was born in the '80s. In 1987, a group of local winemakers banded together to form Bodegas Bocopa. This thirty year old coalition brings us to Spain's hipster, up and coming Alicante region with the the 2016 Don Matillon.

Located on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, winemaking got its start here when the Ancient Romans rolled through in the 16th century. The Don Matillon is the perfect example of what's going on in Alicante. Made with smaller grapes from bush vines (because of the warmer summers), the wine is easy drinking and nicely balanced with bright and vibrant ripe fruit, i.e. blackberries, black currants, dark cherries and decadent plums. Bold and fruit forward on the palate becomes more and more gulp-able with each sip.
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