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2016 Mont Rubí HMR White

2016 Mont Rubí HMR White
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%

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100% Xarel·lo


Sweet and herbal with green fennel, like an overpriced craft cocktail bar


Green apple, pear, pineapple, and a touch of jasmine make for intense fruit while remaining lightly herbal and refreshingly mineral.
More about this wine from Penedès, Spain
Penedès is the home of Cava AKA Spain's famous version of sparkling wine. Traditional winemakers in this part of Spain just outside of Barcelona have long shunned showcasing other types of vino other than their delectable sparkling juice. Xarel·lo is an indigenous grape to this part of the world, and, yes, it does make awesome Cava, but you know what — it makes awesome still white wine too! This bottle is 100% Xarel·lo!

This vineyard was planted in 1974 and the grapes have been awesome ever since. The juice has received wide acclaim by the wine snob community, but you should like it because it is flat our tasty. You'll find a youthful and vibrantly fruity wine with herbal scents like fresh green fennel and a touch of hand-picked mint. The sippin' is full of fruit flavors like tart green apple, pear, pineapple skin, and faint notes of Spanish jasmine. The bright and lush fruit combined with a lightly herbal and refreshingly mineral palate makes for an excellent wine on the porch while Face Timing your crew.
How to drink it


You like the idea of high tea, but you think it'd be better with some sort of alcohol involved. You throw on your fanciest hat (and maybe some white gloves if you got 'em) and toast to being your own kind of boujee.

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