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2019 Lekker Rosé, South Africa

2019 Lekker Rosé, South Africa
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 11.5%




52% Grenache, 48% Merlot


Tangy guava and grilled hibiscus-coated watermelon. Stemmy green tart strawberries and cold steel.


An acid that acts like a bee sting to the back of your tongue, causing your mouth to pucker.

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More about this wine from Western Cape, South Africa
Lekker Rosé was handcrafted by winemaker Nico Grobler, of Eikendal Vineyards & La Brune Wines, in collaboration with Wine Awesomeness - and we’re super excited about it! It’s the first 2018 rosé on the market, making it the freshest, most easy-drinking wine you could possibly get your hands on.

This wine is pure energy, like shooting stars drenched in lemon juice. This is the kind of wine that stains your summer memories. The kind of wine you will cling to the memory of when you’re trudging through the snow come winter. Once in your glass, you will find a nose of fresh Herbes de Provence, watermelon and orange zest. Electrified pink lemonade, red pepper flakes and grapefruit rinds.
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