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2018 Vinã El Portalón Rueda Verdejo

2018 Vinã El Portalón Rueda Verdejo
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%




100% Verdejo


Unbelievably fresh flowers that really need to express themselves


Rich and elegant like fancy flowers turned themselves into a flavor



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More about this wine from Castilla y León, Spain
Verdejo is another one of these indigenous Spanish grapes that doesn't get nearly enough fanfare or shelf space in wine shops. And this version comes from a vineyard that is like walking through a magic door into Narnia. What do you mean, you ask?!? Back in the day, the only access to these grapes came through a giant stone portal. It might not have led to another world, but it did lead to some delish grapes! The locals still call this wine... Viña El Portalón — literally, Big Door Vineyard.

The tasty Verdejo grapes in this bottle are planted in high altitude vineyards. It is those cool nights in the higher elevation that give such crispness and freshness to each sip. The aromas are so floral you might think you're in a flower shop as all the Valentine's Day bouquets are being assembled. The palate is rich and elegant, but still crisp and bright at the finish.
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