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2018 íber Tinto Bobal-Tempranillo

2018 íber Tinto Bobal-Tempranillo
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13%




80% Bobal, 20% Tempranillo


The freshness of an Organic strawberry farm at the end of a long and winding, dusty road


Bright fruit that transforms at each sip into a lingering tabacco and leather-y delight of a finish



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More about this wine from Valencia, Spain
While we do love the classics, we can't stop meandering off the beaten path to discover new grapes. Spain is loaded up with indigenous magic wine berries that make it such a cool wine-producing nation. Spain’s Bobal grape is pronounced ‘bow-bal’) and gets its name from the Latin word ‘bovale’ meaning ‘in the shape of a bull’s head’. In fact, this delicious wine grape is a bit oddly shaped, which actually does resemble the shape of a cow's head.

This bottle is what you think of when you drink Spanish wine. It is robust but still refreshing, and each sip lures you in deeper. The nose starts out with a burst of ripe red fruit, but tobacco and cacao linger with each whiff of the vino. The sippin' is bright, but also deepens with more complexity as the juice coats your tastebuds with subtle leathery flavors that will have you daydreaming of the slower life on a rural Spanish farm.

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