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2019 Scopa Pinot Grigio

2019 Scopa Pinot Grigio
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12%




100% Pinot Grigio


Tropical melon and kiwi play an understatedly important role alongside mineraly, neutral, and clean notes


A refreshing rush of underripe fruit is followed by slight bitterness, white flowers, and river-rock minerality



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More about this wine from Veneto, Italy
Pinot Grigio is the wine that everyone likes to hate on. Maybe it’s because your mom liked it and therefore there's no way it can be cool. This is not your mom’s PG. The great thing about this grape is that it's one of the few white grapes that actually has color in its skin.

What that means is that the finished wine has a tinge of copper or pink to it (look very very closely). While Pinot Grigio is notorious for having a bitter finish, this wine uses that to its advantage. That slight bitter presence leads to a savory tinge that balances out the fresh tropical fruit on the nose. Overall, this wine possesses subtleties, but is as fresh as spring water, and as such, it can pretty much go with anything.
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