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2019 Franco Serra Piemonte Bianco

2019 Franco Serra Piemonte Bianco
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 11%




100% Cortese


Peach and Melon compete to become your bff


A perfect chilled, fresh, crisp slice of a melon



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More about this wine from Piedmont, Italy
The Sperone family is focused on producing affordable, awesome everyday drinking wines and they've been doing it for four generations. In 1911, Antonio Sperone opened a small wine shop in Torino where he sold bulk wine directly to consumers. Now 100+ years later and the family is producing bottles like this that show off how good northern Italian wine can be at a price point to pop the bottle any day of the week.

The 2019 Franco Serra Piemonte Bianco is 100% Cortese, AKA Gavi wine, which is a grape indigenous to the Piedmont region of Italy. It's known for being easy to drink, crisp, refreshing, and brings out the best in rich seafood and chicken dishes. The aromas and the notes of each sip are elegant peach, tart Green Apple, and sublime melon.
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What grows together goes together is a wine saying... maybe pasta doesn't grow in Italy, but it sure does feel like it should. That's why we're pairing up this Italian white wine with the cheesy & lemony Pasta al Limone

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