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2019 Finca La Estacada ‘Ocho Y Medio’ Tinto Velasco

2019 Finca La Estacada ‘Ocho Y Medio’ Tinto Velasco
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.5%




100% Tinto Velasco


Muddling ripe cherries and rosemary in a giant concrete mortar


An adult version of Very Berry Tang that is savory and delish



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More about this wine from La Mancha, Spain
Once upon a time, a ton of people on the Iberian Peninsula AKA Spain and Portugal sipped on an indigenous grape called Tinto Velasco. Those days are long gone, but we've lucked out and found an American making wine in Spain bringing this damn tasty grape back. Todd Blomberg is growing the last 50 hectares (FYI, that's not a lot) planted in the world!

Blomberg, a remarkably talented producer and defender of organic wines, is always evolving and rebelling against the mechanization and standardization of the wineries around him. His challenge to brink back the past is resulting in wine that's delicious, savory, and juicy with a similar berryish tang to Malbec but more earth tones and lingering flavors. The juice is light, bright, and oh so, fruity.
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Typically clam dishes require a white wine match, but this decadent Clams Arrabbiata dish is loaded up with ripe Spanish tomatoes that lends itself to a light bodied red like this Tinto Velasco!

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