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2015 Nexo, Garnacha

2015 Nexo, Garnacha
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.5%




100% Garnacha


Energized cranberry jam with wet and volcanic earth, like walking along loose asphalt roads.


Firm tannin that feel like licking overly eroded sedimentary rocks, gritty and thin.
More about this wine from Cariñena, Spain
While most of the world’s Garnacha - or Grenache, as well know it in the US - is grown in France, we’d argue that the Spanish do it best. Typically, this medium-bodied wine would have a slightly higher alcohol content (around 15% ABV), but this Nexo Garnacha is on the lower end, making it a perfect pairing for balancing out spicier foods, so bring on the sriracha!

At first sip, this wine will make you think of bonfire embers filling the air with a slightly sweet musk. There are notes of underripe plums, freshly crushed raspberry marmalade and cranberry punch and the smell when you open a bag of beef jerky. Medium acidity that makes your mouth water and beg for another meat pie to curl up with by a fire.
How to drink it


Snuggling by a crackling campfire on a breezy beach at 2am.

Listening to...

Silence - Marshmello


This is a meat and potatoes kind of wine - who needs love when you a have a juicy-ass steak?