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2019 Bodegas y Vińedos Merayo Mencia Bierzo

2019 Bodegas y Vińedos Merayo Mencia Bierzo
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.5%




100% Mencía


Ripe and bright red fruit that serves as an awesome movie trailer for the main attraction to come


Uber juicy black cherries smashed together with fresh-picked violets in a giant concrete mortar & pestle



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More about this wine from Bierzo DO, Castilla y León, Spain
So many exciting things are happening here. First off, this bottle is 100% Mencía, a rare grape grown only in the Iberian Peninsula. And in the little known, but up-and-coming wine region, Biezro, Spain, this grape is a rising star. The success of this bottle is in winery Bodegas y Viñedos Merayo’s ancient, 80-something-year-old bushvines, hand-picked by its young vintner Juan Merayo whose father and father before him helped Juan to ply his craft. Together, this dynamic winemaker and intriguing grape have sired the kind of intoxicating juice that Saint Vincent, patron saint of wine, would most certainly bless.
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A light bodied red makes for an excellent match with turkey... we decided to go with a classic: Expertly Spiced & Glazed Roast Turkey

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