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Basca Cava, NV

Basca Cava, NV
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 11.5%




40% Macabeo, 30% Xarello, 30% Parellada


Zesty, lemony, and bright, like a citrus firework show


Lively and floral fruit provide a zippy tang, with elegant bubbles and not too much sweetness for a balanced, craveable finish.



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More about this wine from Penedès, Spain
Cava is one of the best things to come out of Spain since tapas. We know, we know... tapas are delicious, but not much can be better than sipping on Spain's version of sparkling wine at a cool bar in Barcelona or while planning your dream trip to Spain! The name of Cava comes from the Catalan word ‘cave’ AKA cellar. Catalonia is the Northeast region of Spain that is home to ridiculously good wine, beaches, soccer, and obvi... Barcelona.

The dirt in this region is mostly limestone and the mild climate along the Mediterranean coast makes for primo winemaking conditions. The juice is a delectable pale yellow color, but the sipping is elegant and rich minus all the sugar with an unmistakable personality. It'll be hard to stop the bubbles flowing once you pop the cork because it delivers lots of lively, lemony, floral fruit with a clean, zesty finish that makes everyone crave for one more glass.
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Your friends are running a pickup beach volleyball game and you agreed to tag along if you could sit on your beach towel and catch a quick tan.

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