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2018 Hidden Vineyards Zweigelt

2018 Hidden Vineyards Zweigelt
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 11.5%




100% Zweigelt


Dark cherries and cassis marinated in flat Dr. Pepper


A guilty pleasure of lush ripeness becomes more complex with silky smooth tannins and a faint touch of spice


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More about this wine from Weinland, Austria
Two grapes walk into a bar... well, not exactly. But in 1922, a scientist took two of Austria's finest red grapes, St. Laurent and Blaufränkisch, and crossed them together to make Zweigelt, which is now the most planted varietal in Austria. The grape is really the best of both of its parents. The St. Laurent gives it that nice ripe cherry, while the Blaufränkisch imparts the spice.

The wine is velvety smooth and the body is definitely on the lighter end of the spectrum making it gulp-able without weighing you down during all the holiday meals on your calendar this season. As you sip, your brain might think you've found dark cherry Kool-Aid, but a more complex and only-for-adults version. And by adults, we just mean 21 and older. No judgments on your inner child making an appearance this holiday season.
How to drink it


Grabbing takeout and heading to your chicest friend's fancy apartment courtyard for a mood-boosting dinner date to start off the work week.

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Mrs. by Leon Bridges


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