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2018 Hidden Vineyards Zenit

2018 Hidden Vineyards Zenit
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14%




100% Zenit


delicate white and yellow flowers like a walk in the modern day garden of Eden


A lush and lingering mouth feel that transitions effortlessly to exotic fruit like lychee, melon, and jackfruit



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More about this wine from Sopron, Hungary
Many vineyards in Hungary are farmed with a deep respect for nature, yet some of them remain unknown and lie hidden in obscurity. Zenit is a rare white grape you've probably never heard of. We've scoured the globe for really cool wines and this little magic grape from Hungary is brand new to us too. It was too good for us to pass up the opportunity to share with the whole WA community.

These vineyards in Hungary are 100% organic, biodynamically farmed, and all the grapes are hand-harvested. As we first sipped this vino we couldn't help but notice how awesome the wine literally smelled. The nose is like the most elegant white and yellow flowers on the planet. The palate is lush with enough body that the juice lingers on the cheeks and ends with an exotic fruit i.e. lychee, melon, and jackfruit finish.

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Rain wasn't in the forecast but a persistent drizzle won't possibly bring you down as you pop on 50 First Dates and enjoy Adam Sandler in his prime.

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