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2012 Warramate Shiraz

2012 Warramate Shiraz
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13%




100% Shiraz


Cherry and violet with a hint of eucalyptus, like a party at the spa.


Succulent red fruits have a tussle until fine tannins and licorice spice arrive unexpectedly and diffuse the juicy altercation.



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More about this wine from Yarra Valley, Australia
The Warramate vineyard was established in 1970 on a spectacular north-facing slope overlooking the central Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia. Fast forward a few decades... and on a cool, nearly fall morning, a big crew of Aussies hit the vineyards and picked these Shiraz grapes with their bare hands. They didn't know it 7 years ago, but this harvest is standing the test of time AKA this bottle is damn good.

The juice has just enough body that your mouth notices that little extra weight of the juice (it's like 2% milk vs skim), which is succulent and like layers upon layers of fresh and ripe, red fruit. The vino literally bursts with juiciness but also keeps itself together with roundness on the palate that says we're here to party but we're not gonna be drunk at the company picnic.

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It's your turn to DJ at the campfire and you've got just the playlist for a crisp night of drinking around the open flames. You've made sure everyone has a full glass before you hit play and get the vibe on your level.

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