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2018 Matteo Braidot Refosco

2018 Matteo Braidot Refosco
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14%




100% Refosco dal peduncolo rosso


Snacking on ripe black cherries on a cozy blanket in the sun


Succulent cracked black pepper splashed into the best adult cherry cola ever



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More about this wine from Fruili, Italy

The Braidot family kicked off their winemaking days in the Fruili wine region of Italy in 1870! Fruili is in the Northeast portion of the country and is known for producing wines of serious quality for the price. We all know wine can already get too complicated and the Italians take that complexity to a new level. That's why we created this handy chart to make it a little bit easier to learn about wines from Italy.

With the Braidot's Refosco they've cut through the over-complex. Sometimes in life... what you see is what you get. Wine tends to be more complicated and nuanced, but some of the best wines are straight forward, easy to sip with an SAT prep course, and are simple to enjoy. Refosco is an Italian grape that doesn't get enough attention and might be one of the most perfect spring reds. With a ruby ​​red color, the wine's aromas show off ripe black cherry with touches of pepper and vanilla. And what you smell is what you get in the taste too, resulting in full, but at the same time fresh, and easy to drink.

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Much to your surprise, the veggies you've been growing on your back porch have become a legit bounty. You sense it's time to impress your roomies with a super local feast.

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