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2018 Nebel Rheinhessen Riesling

2018 Nebel Rheinhessen Riesling
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 10.5%




100% Riesling


Orange blossom and honeysuckle flirting with lemons.


White peach and grapefruit high diving into a pool of honey.



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More about this wine from Rheinhessen, Germany
The largest of Germany’s 13 wine regions, Rheinhessen enjoys pretty cool conditions for most of the year. Here Nebel, sitting along the rolling hills of the Rhine River, enjoys a unique blast of late autumn sunshine and fog that emerges from the river’s deep on frosty winter mornings, allowing its Riesling grapes to fully develop into their full potential (and those fruity tastes we all so crave). This bottle is easy and invigorating at the same time, kinda like your most favorite friends. This one’s easy to put back on its own or with your fave seafood dish.
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