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2018 Elicio Red Blend

2018 Elicio Red Blend
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14%




50% Grenache, 50% Merlot


Like fresh pepper cracked on a juicy orange peach, rolled in dried black tea leaves


Earthy, juicy, luscious fruit. A bold mouthfeel coats the entire palate and a low acid leaves balanced tannins to slowly melt away.



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More about this wine from Rhône Valley, France
Elicio Red Blend hails from the southern Rhône Valley. This region has a history of delivering excellence in a bottle. Elicio builds on this reputation by bringing you a smooth Grenache and Merlot red blend. However, a blend of Grenache and Merlot is rarely seen in the wine world, which makes this bottle unique. But don’t be scared, this uncommon combination has been blended into a wine that pairs deliciously with the warm summer weather.

This wine is an excellent pair with the early warmth of the year — the subtle sun rays on pale, wintered skin. This bottle is bold, packing a punch of earthiness and juicy, dripping fruit. With a bold mouthfeel, it really coats the entire palate sliding down the sides and leaving a dusty dry feeling. The acid is low and it leaves the tannins to slowly melt away on your palate.

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The pregame is lit for Shakespeare in the Park as you crack open a few bottles, bump the grooviest classical music you can find, and get in tune with your inner theater geek.

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