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2016 Lagoon Hill Pinot Gris

2016 Lagoon Hill Pinot Gris
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13%




100% Pinot Gris


Red apple, lychee, pear, and white peach, like the holy grail of fruit salads


Soft and subtle, with delicious apricot and lychee flavors for a silky, textural palate with fresh and lively tropical fruit.



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More about this wine from Marlborough, New Zealand
Lagoon Hill is named after an old Riddiford sheep and cattle station in the hills outside of Marlborough, New Zealand. The Riddiford family has owned large tracts of land in the lower North Island since 1850 when they broke in the bush country for suitable grazing for sheep and cattle. Now the land is dotted with vineyards producing world-class vino. The label lettering is designed to reflect the undulating terrain that is so distinctive of the Lagoon Hill property along the coastline.

With a lot of history and a super cool label, the main attraction here is still the juice inside the bottle! Pinot Gris makes for a perfect late winter / early spring wine because it's got just enough body to keep ya warm, but the flavors will take your brain to sunnier places. The nose wafts of red apple, lychee, pear and white peach that give way to a silky, textural palate with fresh and lively tropical fruit.

How to drink it

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A bike ride to a waterfront picnic is the activity of choice on a balmy Saturday afternoon. You throw your shades on and take a leisurely cruise, knowing snacks and a crisp glass of Pinot are your reward for the exercise.

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