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2015 Tilenus Roble DO Bierzo Mencia

2015 Tilenus Roble DO Bierzo Mencia
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14%




100% Mencía


A bouquet of fresh red fruit, like an adult strawberry Capri Sun


Vibrant raspberry and strawberry give way to a fresh mouthfeel and super fine tannins.



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More about this wine from Bierzo, Spain
New grape alert*** Meet your new wine buddy dubbed Mencía from España. Not only is it a really rad indigenous grape from Spain, but this version of the delicious wine is made at Bodegas Estefanía located in the Bierzo DO. This ain't no normal winery and vineyard. The property is a spectacular natural biosphere, with every type of bird, as well as rabbits and wild boar roaming freely. Each vine is tended individually by the vineyard manager, with care and love; you can see old vine stock propped up by slate stones to give them support.

Let's give these berries our support by pouring a glass with your BFFs. The juice is an intense ruby red and purple hue with abundant aromas of baskets of fresh-picked raspberries and strawberries that taste just as fresh swirling around the mouth. Elegant tannins sublimely melt that fresh fruit makin ya feel elegant af. Perfect to class up your Tuesday night on the sofa in your PJs!

How to drink it

Pro Tip:

A long Friday at work calls for a solo pre-happy hour on the couch. A vibrant glass of red and a quick snack have you ready to face the weekend.

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