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Glory Days, Zinfandel

Glory Days, Zinfandel
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14.5%




100% Old Vine Zinfandel


Two taxi cab air fresheners, one vanilla and one cedar, go on a Tinder date.


Eating a caramel candy apple while trimming a fragrant bonsai tree.

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More about this wine from Lodi, CA
Nothing screams red, white, and blue more than a Dutch family making their way to the US in the early 1900s and planting roots - literally and figuratively - in California. This is the same family vineyard behind last summer's super popular Electric Red, for those of you who may remember and have been exploring wine with WA for a while now!

Meet the family's magnus opum (AKA masterpiece) made from one hundred percent Zinfandel picked from 50+ year old vines planted by the patriarch, John Van Ruiten Sr. The old vines give the wine a character like a cedar cigar box you find at a Brooklyn stoop sale. Inside the cigar box you'll find super fresh plums and maybe a candy apple. Unusual, we know, but those sensations combined are what you'll discover in this Zin!
How to drink it


Cruising up the PCH with the top down and the radio blasting.

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Glory Days - Bruce Springsteen