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2019 Poggio Anima "Belial" Sangiovese

2019 Poggio Anima "Belial" Sangiovese
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14%




100% Sangiovese


Iris, rosemary, lavender, bright red cherries, and mint explode from the glass


Vibrant, juicy, and youthful cherries combined with tiny notes of white pepper and clove



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More about this wine from Tuscany, Italy
Europe is known for some very strict winemaking regulations! This means most wines have very specific rules to be labeled with specific names i.e. Chianti or Rioja, which means consumers know what they are getting when they buy these wines. But these rules do not leave any room for innovation and experimentation! Sometimes you gotta change things up to make something new, different, and great!

Luckily the Italians have created a classification dubbed IGT aka rebel wine and allow winemakers to be more innovative. Enter winemaker Riccardo Campinoti who found something really special when he stumbled across an underutilized, old vine Sangiovese vineyard in Tuscany. The bottle is adorned with the term "Belial" which translates as lawless. The juice couldn't be more fresh and youthful and loaded up with jammy, mouth-watering Maraschino cherries swimming in the jar with cloves and a dash of white pepper.
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Being the renegade using the same knife in the peanut butter and jam jar! You know... shaking things up and jamming to Somebody Else by The 1975

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