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2014 Merino Syrah

2014 Merino Syrah
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14%




100% Syrah


Wild berries running wild... real wild


Menthol-infused brined olives spread across a chimichurri skirt steak

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More about this wine from Limari Valley, Chile
Here's some somm blasphemy for ya... Chile is giving France a run for its money and producing some top notch cool climate Syrah. The winemaker is José Pablo Martin, one of the most exciting young winemakers in Chile. He's worked across Europe and Chile and built a reputation for innovation. With a cooler climate, sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and Andes Mountain, Limari Valley in Chile is pumping out some out-performing juice!

The Syrah grapes are handpicked before sunrise to protect the little magic berries from any heat damage. The juice is a deep, brilliant, and dark violet with a nose that seems like the actual liquid somehow tamed wild berries. The finish is like the cool kids smoking menthol cigs mixed in with sliced black, pizza olives still in the can.
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