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2016 Appaloosa Syrah

2016 Appaloosa Syrah
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.5%




100% Syrah


Dark cherry, cedar, and cocoa, like a boozy holiday party


Gentle tannins create a medium body while notes of huckleberry, vanilla, and macadamia nut perform a delicate ballet routine.



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More about this wine from Columbia Valley, Washington
The Columbia Valley of Washington state may be one of the most underrated wine regions in America. Of course, we must all pay homage to the greatness of Napa and Sonoma, but the US of A has so much more awesome wine to discover. Claar Cellars got its start as a family farm in 1950 and starting planting wine grapes in 1980. Fast forward a few decades and Claar Cellars is an estate winery (meaning the grapes are grown and turned into wine on the same property) and it's creating some of the most unique and delectable juice in Washington.

This Syrah is made 100% from the White Bluffs Vineyard on the Claar family estate. The juice is nuanced and complex bursting with layers of bright aromas and flavors. Dark cherry and ripe red raspberry elbow their way out of the bottle and linger with a touch of woodsy cedar. All that lush and fresh fruit carries over to the palate that tastes like biting into a piece of dark chocolate while picking strawberries and raspberries in the field.
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Pro Tip:

The family holiday party is about as insufferable as it's always been but you've got a glass in hand. While your little cousins are outside karate chopping the inflatable reindeer, you're inside perusing old baby photos on a walk down memory lane.

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