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2011 The Brave Riesling

2011 The Brave Riesling
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12%




100% Riesling


Pristine pool water like jumping off the high dive to kick off summer


Hints of petrol, chlorine, and beeswax create a unique and satisfying sip that will have wine nerds buzzing.



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More about this wine from Clare Valley, Australia
Riesling might be one of the most provocative grapes that we ever pick for the WA wine club. A ton of it is overly sweet, which makes a lot of wine drinkers cringe when they even glance at a bottle. But don't let the super-sweet versions of Riesling get you down because the grape is truly awesome. The Brave is a collab between Michele Anderson (a Master of Wine) and winemaker David O’Leary In Clare Valley, Australia.

Pool water. Petrol. Lanolin. Chlorine. Beeswax. Diesel. We know what you're thinking... why would I ever want to sip on anything with these types of descriptors?!?! It may be super wine nerdy, but when Riesling is like this it is simply fun, cool, and delicious to drink. This juice is nearly 12 years old, which is super cool and it's all that time that developed these cray flavors. Def let us know what you think about this one!
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