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2017 Hidden Vineyards Pinot Blanc

2017 Hidden Vineyards Pinot Blanc
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.5%




100% Pinot Blanc


First time you had sliced Granny Smith apples lightly sprinkled with nutmeg and cinnamon as a kid


A delightful coating of apples, pears, and spice with a slightly puckered finish

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More about this wine from Sopron, Hungary
These grapes are hand-picked and organically farmed on the shore of Lake Fertö, which is one of the largest bodies of water in Europe that isn't tied to an outgoing/ingoing water source aka a river. This large lake is where tons of Austrians and Hungarians spend their summers, and sailboats dot the horizon during the warmer months. Who's ready to go?!?

Since wine takes on so many characteristics of its environment, this lake plays a large part in the flavors in the bottle. This happens because the lake affects the climate meaning cooler days in the summer and warmer ones in the winter. Think of Mother Nature hitting a yoga class. The coolness creates acid in the wine which is that bite in the back of the mouth that is kinda like a sweet tart and makes you want more and more. The warm climate gives the grapes a chance to be more fruity — that's where the apple and pear flavors come in this bottle. When acid and fruit combine, you get balance! Namaste.
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