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2018 Traversa Tannat

2018 Traversa Tannat
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%




100% Tannat


Red fruit and faint nail polish, like a lush spa day


A blunt yet fruity start leads to spicy, medicinal berry flavors that are punchy and short.



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More about this wine from Montevideo, Uruguay
In general, the wine selection in most grocery stores isn't what we would consider lit, and it's dominated by bulk-produced juice. We'd dare to wage a pretty penny you won't find any vino from Uruguay or the majority of the estate-owned wineries and family businesses we work with from around the world. So enjoy this unique and super delicious Tannat from somewhere off the beaten path.

The Traversa family is synonymous with awesome wine in Uruguay and the family has been perfecting their craft for three generations. Tannat isn't a grape that beats around the wine bush. It is blunt, in your face, bold, and exactly what you are looking for when you are craving something juicy and uncomplicated. The nose is all about ripe red fruit and the nose is punchy, fruity, and berrylicious.
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It's time for a change in feng shui. Equipped with a good playlist and an even better glass of vino, you rearrange to create a fresh take on your living space.

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