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2020 Edelie Colombard

2020 Edelie Colombard
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12 %




100% Colombard


A parfumerie of Granny Smith apples.


Sucking on a white peach in the tropics.
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More about this wine from Gascony, France
With an overabundance of juicy, lip-smacking grapes out there, we love when we get the chance to introduce our audience to slightly off-the-radar whites. Colombard is one of those grapes, a French white varietal from Charentes, from whence Cognac hails. This grape has primarily been known as a blending grape, but due to new techniques in fermentation, this grape is beginning to come into its own on its own. This bottle’s grapes were brought up on a lovely French vineyard near the Atlantic Ocean and really loves to pair up with an arugula salad or some take-out Thai.
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