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2019 Percorso Trebbiano Lazio Italy

2019 Percorso Trebbiano Lazio Italy
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 11.7%




100% Trebbiano


Lemon spritzed through a fan.


Almonds blanched by Meyer lemons.
More about this wine from Italy
Two exciting things to make note of about this white wine: both the region of Lazio (in which this bottle was made) and its Trebbiano grapes are having a major comeback! There are a lot of people excited about the potential of this looked over land, and they have been using their capital and vision to greatly improve the region’s wines. Fabulous vinos are cropping up all over Lazio, especially as this area’s soils are steeped with ancient volcano runoff. This particular white wine is delightfully dry and light, lean and crisp - and goes super well with just about anything.
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