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2018 Lost Eden Saperavi Blend*

2018 Lost Eden Saperavi Blend*
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13%




100% Saperavi


As you open the bottle, enchanting aromas of dark berries and ripe plums fill the air, reminiscent of the alluring bazaars where spices mingle with the laughter of merchants.


With every sip, the wine unveils layers of complexity—an orchestra of black cherries, velvety cocoa, and a whisper of fragrant tobacco.



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More about this wine from Kakhetian Region, Georgia
Georgia, often hailed as the "Cradle of Wine," holds a profound reverence for the vine, where winemaking techniques have been perfected over thousands of years. In this land of myth and legend, the Saperavi grape reigns supreme, painting a vibrant picture of the country's winemaking prowess.

Each sip is a journey through Georgia's time-honored winemaking culture—a tradition that encompasses communal winemaking known as "qvevri," large clay vessels buried underground. This ancient technique imparts a distinct character to the wine, showcasing the dedication to preserving age-old customs in a rapidly changing world.

As you savor the 2018 Lost Eden Saperavi Blend, let it be a tribute to Georgia's winemaking legacy—a legacy steeped in tradition, resilience, and an unwavering passion for the vine. May each sip take you on a journey through the enchanting culture of Georgia, where wine is not merely a libation but a symbol of unity and pride. Here's to the time-honored spirit of Georgia, poured generously into every glass of Lost Eden Saperavi Blend. Gaumarjos!
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Pair this captivating wine with the flavors of Georgia's culinary heritage—the sumptuous aromas of slow-cooked lamb, the rich indulgence of walnut-studded pomegranate sauces, or the delicate pastry delights filled with spiced meats.

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