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2018 Cuvée Clémence Entre-Deux-Mers

2018 Cuvée Clémence Entre-Deux-Mers
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%




70% Sauvignon Blanc, 20% Sémillon, 10% Muscadelle


Smearing homemade grapefruit, white peach, and blackcurrant jam across a piece of toast


Full-bodied and lively, with a pleasant woody aroma and a crisp rinse of freshly cut flowers.


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More about this wine from Bordeaux, France

The Quancard family broke into the wine business in 1844 in Bordeaux. Starting with Pierre Quancard, the business has been passed down from generation to generation. Now Roland Quancard is taking the family business, which is renowned for awesome wine locally, on to the international stage.

This white vino from Bordeaux is some seriously superb premium juice from the Cheval Quancard clan! The vino is made from grapes hand selected from each plot with this bottle in mind. So you get it?!? This is deluxe. After vinification AKA made in to wine it is aged for 6 months in oak barrels. Imagine grapefruit, white peach, black currants, and artisanal toast speed dating on your taste buds. It's lively, full bodied, floral, and just elegant and fancy.

How to drink it


Deciding to actually read a few of the many coffee table books you've collected over the years as decorative pieces.

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