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2016 Pierre et Papa Rouge

2016 Pierre et Papa Rouge
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12%




50% Grenache, 50% Carignan


Plush and juicy cherries like a hug from elegant red fruit


A substantial body keeps bold flavors together and leads to a silky smooth finish


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More about this wine from Pays d’Hérault, France
This juice hails from Hérault, which is one of the original 83 geographical regions (called departments) created during the French Revolution in 1790. The picturesque region is nestled by the sea with a perfect Mediterranean climate for winemaking. Pierre Renard and his papa were renowned across France for finding the best possible grapes for the price point.

That knack for finding the best wine grapes is what inspired this bottle AKA the 2016 Pierre et Papa Rouge! All the grapes are sourced from little known locations across southern France. The nose is rich and plush with aromas of juicy cherries and elegant red fruits. The palate has just enough body to hold all the flavors together while you sip and ends with a silky finish.
How to drink it


It's time to decompress and get a relaxing bath drawn. A few candles, a light snack, and plenty of bubbles get you on a serious chill vibe.

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