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French Kiss 12-Pack

French Kiss 12-Pack

French Kiss 12-Pack

Sipping on good Bordeaux Rouge and Vermentino from the Rhone Valley is just as exciting as your first time playing spin the bottle in your parent’s basement. And what better than both of these French wines snuggling up on your dinner table this winter.

6 of each bottle (12 bottles total)

This Bordeaux is bright, fresh, and ripe fruit-tastic. The nose is classic, old-school French wine dominated by black currants and blackberries.

This is the kind of wine that can accompany you while thinking, reading, writing, or late night working. It’s easy-drinking, doesn't need food, and is relatively low in alcohol. On the nose, it’s more herbaceous than anything with a touch of crisp, salty air and little budding white flowers with a touch of yellow sun-blistered grass. Serve it chilled and get down with your bad self!

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