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Cupid's Sparkling Wine 3-Pack

Cupid's Sparkling Wine 3-Pack

In honor of Cupid shooting his arrows of love for Valentine's Day, we picked 3 bottles of bubbles that are perfect to pop for any occasion. We're firm believers that one should always have a handful of bottles of sparkling wine on hand. It doesn't matter if you're celebrating the love of your life or just your love for finally making it home after a long day at the office, popping some bubbles makes life a bit more awesome.

Just imagine a homemade pie crust that just starts to get toasted filled with unbelievably fresh strawberries and rhubarb all vaporized into a new spiked La Croix flavor. Yeah, exactly... this vino is quite special.

The juice is an elegant pale yellow that alludes to an effervescent nose of white peach, semi-sweet golden raisins, and fresh white flowers. The sippin' is like all these lush flavors ripple across your cheeks but end with a delightful touch of candied tangerine and ginger.

This bubbly is a delectable pale yellow color, but the sipping is elegant and rich minus all the sugar with an unmistakable personality. It delivers lots of lively, lemony, floral fruit with a clean, zesty finish.

Price as configured: $51