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Bordeaux Wine Geek Pack

Bordeaux Wine Geek Pack

Bordeaux Wine Geek Pack

We've found some seriously awesome Bordeaux Rouge & Bordeaux Blanc from the “alternative” Bordeaux that is populated by the small independent estates that line the banks of the Garonne and the Dordogne Rivers, where conscientious growers craft honest bottles for everyday enjoyment rather than 100-point scores. This is the Bordeaux to which winemaker Jean Marc Barthez belongs. The archetypal “dirt-under-the-fingernails” winemaker, he serves as the president of a small co-operative winery in Monségur, an ancient village founded by Eleanor of Aquitaine in the 13th century. There, he oversees a handful of growers who cultivate small family vineyards and join forces to produce Bordeaux wines that their friends and neighbors can actually afford.

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The juice has a cleansing acidity and flavors of citrus and melon. It possesses the deeper texture, elegance, and richness of body that are the region’s hallmarks.

This Bordeaux is bright, fresh, and ripe fruit-tastic. The nose is classic, old-school French wine dominated by black currants and blackberries.

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