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Cava Buche L' Excellence Brut Rosé

Cava Buche L' Excellence Brut Rosé
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 11.5%


Sparkling Rosé


100% Garnacha


An infuser releasing wafts of strawberry and field flowers.


An incredibly elegant fruit smoothie with a backbone of bubbles.



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More about this wine from Almendralejo, Extremadura, Spain
Almendralejo is known in Spain as the City of Romanticism, due to its being the birthplace of two of the most important poets of the period. Wine, often an adjunct of romance, is also made here. In fact, in 1985, Almendralejo was officially authorized to produce Cava, under the Cava Denomination of Origin. And they have been cranking out the good stuff ever since. This bottle was made with Garnacha grapes, giving it that glorious pink hue and ultra-nice touch. Plus, it was made in the traditional and champenoise method, which means more deliciously complex bubbles for you.
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Cava is a famously food-friendly wine, so pair it with just about anything, but to go that extra distance, we think grilled fish and mango would be delightful, so we found a recipe with both.

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