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2021 Nova Vita Project K - The GTR

2021 Nova Vita Project K - The GTR
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12%




80% Pinot Gris, 18% Gewurztraminer, 2% Riesling


Sitting in a Turkish cafe surrounded by blooming roses and oranges.


Lychees staining the skins of ginger.



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More about this wine from Adelaide Hills, South Australia
The Project K line of Australian wines represents Nova Vita’s first foray into natural winemaking. It was a project born out of winemakers Mark Kozned and Chris Parsons’ desire for a new challenge and to use grapes from select vineyards as they were going through the organic transition process. So they went with a natural, non-intervention policy — meaning — this wine was made with wild yeast, it’s unfiltered and there is no added sulfur (a boon for those sensitive to sulfites!). Plus, this wine sat with the skins for a bit giving you this rosy orange hue. This white blend of mostly Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and a spot of Riesling has a fabulous textural feel that’ll awaken your taste buds as you get a waft of Turkish rose petals and blood oranges that’ll go straight into the pleasure centers of your brain.
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This white blend can go with a lot, but we love a straight-up Chicken Piccata or paired with some fresh greens.

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