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2021 Plaza de la Reina Tempranillo Blend

2021 Plaza de la Reina Tempranillo Blend
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12%




Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Monastrell


Once the bottle opens you'll notice plenty of red berries, vanilla, and earthy notes to top it off.


The flavors are surprisingly concentrated for a wine of this price with ripe fruit, nice tannins, and a long finish.



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More about this wine from Valencia, Spain
The Plaza de la Reina is the busiest city square in old town Valencia, Spain's third largest city and a port that handles over 20% of the country's exports - so a great deal of Spanish wine goes out to the world from here! It is a global city with a great gastronomic culture (trivia point - the sweet beverage horchata often associated with Mexican food was actually born in Valencia), deep history, and a patchwork of cultural influences. A beautiful hour-long drive southwest of the city takes one to the winery.

Tempranillo is a very dark red variety and one of Spain's most important, known to make age-worthy reds throughout the country. Grenache, also called Garnacha in Spain, is likely to have originated in northern Spain and does well in hot regions; plants are known to thrive commonly and become "old vines" that produce excellent fruit. Monastrell is named Mouvedre in France and is a small, thinner-skinned berry with higher perfumes and earthier flavors than the other two.
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One sip and you will find that the food choices are easy for this bottle: grilled beef, smoked meats and barbeque, even just good ol' hamburgers or meatloaf.

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