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2021 Freak of Nature Unfiltered Rosado

2021 Freak of Nature Unfiltered Rosado
Volume: 750 mL




100% Tempranillo


Strawberries slathered over a half of grapefruit.


Fresh summer fruit with just a dash of bitterness.



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More about this wine from La Mancha, Spain
Calling all true aficionados of rosé wine! We have scoured the world and found ourselves and by extension, you, a natural rosé. Natural, yes, that does mean it's organic. This wine is also completely unfiltered and the sediment is intentionally left in so the purest expression of the Tempranillo grapes all come right to the forefront. You’re going to experience some pure fruit here, super tasty, fresh with just a nip of bitterness. Be sure to cool it off to a crisp temperature then give a good shake before pouring out the creamy lushness.
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Summertime and a rosé from a classic Spanish grape means only one thing: it’s gazpacho time!

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