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KNOCK KNOCK Tempranillo-Syrah NV

KNOCK KNOCK Tempranillo-Syrah NV
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%




Tempranillo & Syrah


Dark fruits cloak themselves in a shroud of intrigue, while a hint of oak and spice slithers through the air.


Ripe blackberries and plums, as if plucked from the midnight garden of a witch's lair, cast a bewitching spell. The tannins offer a subtle grip, while a whisper of smoky oak lingers, hinting at otherworldly complexitity.



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More about this wine from Valencia, Spain
Gold Medal Recipient- Gilbert & Gaillard

Descend into the shadows and dare to explore the sinister charm of the KNOCK KNOCK Tempranillo-Syrah, emerging from the cryptic vineyards of Valencia, Spain. This wine, like a whisper in the night, carries with it the essence of its enigmatic origins, where ancient vines guard their secrets beneath a moonlit sky.

The Tempranillo grape, born in the haunting landscapes of Spain, bestows a dusky richness, while the Syrah variety adds a touch of wickedness with its subtle, peppery notes, conjuring the essence of a moonlit séance.

The KNOCK KNOCK Tempranillo-Syrah is a wine that invites you to unlock its eerie depths, sip by ominous sip, as it reveals the chilling mysteries hidden within. Embrace the darkness of this Valencia creation, a wine that weaves a sinister tale with each indulgent glass. Allow it to beckon you into the realm of supernatural flavors and mysteries that lie beneath the surface.
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Stay true to the wine's Spanish roots and indulge in an assortment of tapas like chorizo, Manchego cheese, and olives. The wine's spiciness and dark fruit flavors harmonize with these classic Spanish flavors.

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