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2019 Reynoso Alexander Valley Sauvignon Blanc*

2019 Reynoso Alexander Valley Sauvignon Blanc*
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.8%




100% Sauvignon Blanc


The wine greets you with a playful bouquet reminiscent of a stroll through a verdant garden, with notes of fresh citrus and a hint of tropical fruits in the air.


It's as if you've just bitten into a juicy grapefruit, with its refreshing tartness balanced by the wine's underlying layers of tropical fruit flavors. There's a zesty liveliness that dances on your taste buds, creating a delightful interplay of acidity a
More about this wine from Alexander Valley, California
Hailing from the picturesque Alexander Valley in California, this Sauvignon Blanc is a testament to the region's commitment to producing exceptional wines. With its sun-drenched vineyards nestled amidst rolling hills and kissed by the cool Pacific breezes, the Alexander Valley provides an idyllic backdrop for creating wines that reflect the vibrant spirit of California's wine culture.

Whether you're enjoying a quiet evening in or celebrating with friends, the 2019 Reynoso Alexander Valley Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect companion. Its vibrant personality and the charm of the Alexander Valley make it an ideal choice for those seeking a taste of California's winemaking excellence. So, why not let this Sauvignon Blanc take you on a journey through the sun-soaked vineyards of Alexander Valley with every sip?
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Sauvignon Blanc and goat cheese are a match made in heaven. Enjoy it with a creamy goat cheese appetizer, a goat cheese and asparagus tart, or a goat cheese-stuffed chicken breast.

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